• 1983

    Sentrachem Ltd commissioned the Calcium Carbide furnace with the intention to produce acetylene which formed the building block for the production of poly-isoprene synthetic rubber. The strategic intent was to make RSA independent of imported Rubber.
  • 1991

    The calcium carbide processing units at Ballengeich was bought by Sentrachem from another company, AECI.
  • 1997

    Sentrachem Ltd was bought by The Dow Chemical Company;
  • 2003

    DOW sold the business to a Management consortium who operated the business as “SA Calcium Carbide (Pty) Ltd”.
  • 2004

    The Andina Group acquired the shares of SACC. The company has benefited with the addition of technology and experience of the Andina Group.
  • 2015

    The Andina Group was dissolved and SACC became part of the Alloys and Carbide Group.