Technical Support

SACC as part of the Alloys and Carbide group has more than 50-year experience in the production and, more importantly, the application of calcium carbide and its derivatives.

Our experienced technical team is focused on Customer support and product development, thereby strengthening customer’s relationships.  This team would be available to assist in solving any kind of problem that our customers might incur during the application of Calcium Carbide and its derivatives.

Our approach is to be in direct contact with our Customers to understand their process and work jointly to achieve improvements in their efficiencies. SACC qualified technical team is willing to collaborate in the development of our products on sites.

SACC has a technical agreement with Nuflux Engineered Materials from the USA for the worldwide development of Calcium Carbide based slag modifier, custom designed to be compatible with every steelmaking process in order to produce steel desulphurisation, slag deoxidation and fuel for the EAF process. For further information: